By Sylvia Marino

A Winning Combination: Content and Commerce (Podcast)


Food52 Co-Founders, Merrill Stubbs and Amanda Hesser recently gave a podcast interview on what a winning marriage of content and commerce looks like, sharing interesting statistics and tips on executing across various mediums.

Food52 combines recipes, articles and community-submitted content with a home goods shop of more than 2,000 items. The brand reaches 13 million people each month, and is growing like gangbusters, thanks in large part to its thriving online shop that makes up two-thirds of annual revenue.

From putting your best stories in video to elevating your community members for stardom, using email as a story delivery system, to leveraging articles first and foremost before clicking to purchase a product, Food52 is a great case study on content driving commerce.

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How to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

An effective e-commerce site is like a well-written novel. Every word, every element is integral to the readers journey. Each page leads you to the endpoint, the resolution of the problem, at which point you walk away satisfied. If you include pages that dont belong, you risk losing your audience. They leave out of boredom, confusion, or both. Yet, there’s one important difference between a novel and a website: with a novel, the reader must start at the beginning, while with a site, the user can start at different points in the funnel.

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By Sylvia Marino
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