By Scott Decker

What You need To Know About Big Content and Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing – it’s everywhere. With new challenges that face the modern marketer daily, digital marketing will remain a permanent fixture in the marketing landscape.

But what is it exactly? Digital Marketing is an ever increasing portion of the modern marketer’s job. It’s engaging in social media & other digital channels to be, most importantly, where your audience is. Traditional marketing mediums are important but they just don’t hold the same weight anymore. (Events are different, but that’s for discussion another time.) Our always-on audiences have pushed us in this direction and it’s our job to be where they are.

This is essentially the Big Content problem. Audiences are multi-channel, content is in silos, and we haven’t been able to efficiently work through our issues to really be where we need to be in order to make this work. Scaling content production is an issue. Not everyone is in this place, but certainly there are those who have been there and done that. They’re not looking to turn back.

Besides leveraging a content platform to work through these Big Content issues and truly master digital marketing, what do you do? To help with this, I’ve gathered some advice to help with your digital marketing strategy, starting with mistakes entrepreneurs make and finishing with strategy suggestions on how to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts.

The 5 Biggest Digital Marketing Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make by @ChristinaBaldas

BigContentDaily says:

According to Christina Baldassare at Search Engine Journal, there are several mistakes being made when it comes to online marketing and they can be costly. In order to stay on target, it’s important to have an always on marketing strategy (organic and paid), make sure to monitor budgets vs. costs, start on a few social platforms and then scale, and start retargeting/remarketing as soon as possible. This isn’t the end of it, though. Read on to find out what other mistakes you can avoid.

A recent survey by Profoundry, reported that only 8% of startups outsource their marketing to a consultant or an agency and 65% of startups have never received nor considered any formal digital marketing training. With the added pressure of being funded, startups have to find the right balance between what makes sense from a digital marketing point of view and what will please investors and venture capitalists.

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8 digital marketing strategies you should add to your playbook

BigContentDaily says:

iMedia Connection asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question, “What is one newer digital marketing strategy that has been effective for your brand this year?” The following answers were insightful ranging from Twitter cards, to automated email, to Reddit ads, to targeted efforts and more. See what members of the YEC had to say.

What is one newer digital marketing strategy that has been effective for your brand this year. Twitter lead gen cards “Twitter’s ad platform keeps getting better from a targeting perspective. You can create a tailored offer (a white paper, webinar, etc), present it behind a lead gen card to a highly targeted audience, and users can provide their email with a single click.

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5 Steps to Regain Control of Your Digital Marketing

BigContentDaily says:

Business2Community has outlined ways to regain control of digital marketing. They recommend choosing your audience and then creating a customer profile, focusing on your message, choosing your channels wisely, choosing your medium based on the message and channel. Get the ins and outs by reading the full article.

As a marketer you are faced with an ever changing landscape of new tools, channels, tactics, and strategies that you are being forced to assess and put to practice. Whether you are a startup or independent marketer who is trying to find the best method for their marketing or a large multinational corporation that is [ ].

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3 Tips for Stellar Digital Marketing Engagement


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