By Sylvia Marino

How to Use Your Keywords and Backlinks


Google likes to see inbound links to your content. There are a number of link-building strategies in addition to tools like Google CSE and Ahrefs Site Explorer to easily compile a unique list of potential linkers.

Have a list of central keywords that your site can take advantage of.  Perform an audit on your site to see how well these keywords are performing. Tools such as SEMrush or Ahrefs are helpful in this process.

If you aren’t sure which keywords to focus on, use tools like Keyword Finder and SEMrush to find keywords you can rank for. Also, look at the competition by seeing who comes up in your top-focused searches.

Summing it up…
With the information in hand, simply start writing content that is relevant to your audience with keywords that will help get your content found and encourage linking.

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By Sylvia Marino
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