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Top Marketing Tips to Add Sparkle to Your 4th of July Weekend


 Get out your BBQ from Memorial Day, and open a nice, cold Lime-a-Rita (Editor’s Note: Despite frequent mention by our writers, BigContentDaily does not actually endorse that product) – it’s time for the 4th of July digest. Besides relaxing and enjoying the hot days of summer, the fourth of July is a great time for marketing.


1.    1. Brand Marketing – For B2C companies, holidays are a gold mine. Brafton has rounded up some brands’ Fourth of July content marketing and it’s a great list. Some of my favorites include Petco (because animals make for awesome marketing), Honey Maid’s emotionally-driven video (being either funny or really sad is almost always a win), and a nice DIY patriotic-themed printables piece from Canon. Brand Marketing is very much about learning to adapt. These events give brands a chance to mold their message into something relatable so they can engage their audiences better.

2.   2. Content Marketing – You have a product or service, but what content do you use to attract people to hear more about it? Targeted content designed to help, educate, and entertain – that’s the key to content marketing. Telapost, a content creation company, provides some terrific ideas about how to do it. If you’re a personal injury attorney, be sure know your holiday stats. Apparently 10,000 people are burned or injured by fireworks each year – yikes! What do you do with that information? They recommend you could start a page dedicated to firework injuries in their specific location on their site, and then with good SEO and social media marketing, grab those 10,000 injured and disgruntled people.

3.   3. Mobile Marketing – These days, you can’t talk about marketing without mobile. As data has shown a majority of online shoppers search on their phone, you need to ensure a tight and effective  mobile marketing strategy. Eztexting gave some great mobile marketing tactics to   drive user engagement via social media, such as a photo competition. Slap on a 4th of July hashtag and make  your way through the social media conversation. It’s always a good idea to give away free things – Americans love free things! You can start a text message marketing campaign to spread the word  about your free giveaway offer. As you may observe, everyone is on their phones – whether you are out to lunch with someone, in an elevator, everyone is locked down on their phones – a goldmine for mobile marketing!shutterstock_250508053

4.   4. Inbound Marketing – Marketing goes hand-in-hand with the goal to increase clients/leads. Like PublishThis, Square2Marketing finds that content marketing is an important tactic to getting customers, just make sure the articles are SEO-friendly so people find your article! Square2Marketing also adds that the backbone of your inbound effort should be your website design and strategy. When prospects click on your site, do they have a clear path of where to go and understand who  you are as a company and what you do?

      Read more about marketing strategies and tactics from industry leaders around the web and have yourself a great Independence Day!

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