By Sylvia Marino

Survey Cites Resources, Time as a Barrier to Creating Content



Content is a key driver in helping many businesses grow. It is used to engage, educate, generate leads, and show expertise and authority, yet staffing and time are cited as two top challenges in content creation.

According to a recent report by Acrolinx, 30% of 250 content professionals surveyed said they struggled with lack of resources (budget, staffing) to focus on content creation. 14% of respondents cited lack of time to dedicate to creating content.  So how is a business to overcome such obstacles? By looking at the metrics and factoring in how much content contributes to the bottom line. 63% of those surveyed focused on engagement metrics such as page views and time spent on site. Going to the next level involves tracking the time and process to create content against the value derived to begin calculating an ROI on content.

While the type of content created and how it is measured and ultimately valued by a business can vary, it’s high time for content creators to put their numbers hats back on and start talking business.

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By Sylvia Marino
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