By Scott Decker

Spring Cleaning Your Content Marketing Strategy


Spring is officially here, even though it may not feel like it for many. Even after a very cold February, it won’t be long before everything thaws and we make our way into Summer. Spring is a great time to clean up accumulated clutter in your home or office. That means more than just paper; it’s also an ideal time to assess goals that were set early in the year and see how you’re doing at quarter-end.

Is your Content Marketing strategy delivering on plan or is it due for a seasonal tune-up? In case you need it, we’ve gathered a cross-section of fresh new ideas from thought leaders in the industry to give your Content Marketing strategy a great spring forward into Q2. Enjoy!

Remix is the New Content-Content Marketing Recirculation | PublishThis | Real-Time Content Platform

BigContentDaily says:

Recirculating your content should always be a part of your process so you can maximize ROI. Remember that audiences may have missed your article the first time it came out (heck, they will most likely miss your tweets and social updates, too). While this strategy doesn’t replace producing new content, recirculating your older content can give you the opportunity to keep up the quality of what you produce and connect it with whatever is in the spotlight current. Don’t forget about what you already have in your content arsenal (with PublishThis, we do it for you…) because you may have already created the right content for this moment in time.

With companies feeling the heat to produce more content more often, creating fresh, relevant content at scale poses a huge challenge. Fortunately, with a good mixed content strategy that includes original, curated, automated and/or licensed content, you can ease the burden without removing any of the power of your editorial voice.


7 Things That World-class Bloggers Do to Improve Their Content Marketing Efforts

BigContentDaily says:

A crucial key to improve your content marketing efforts is to learn from what others are doing. The other part of your success is building a habit centered around your content. Schedule your time and utilize tools, like PublishThis, to cut sourcing & publishing time so that you can focus more time on doing the other things you need to make your content strategy a success.

One of the ways to get better at the craft of blogging is to follow the example of those who are at the top of their game. After years of analyzing their work, I can now share the seven things you must do to be a world-class blogger. Continue reading The post 7 Things That World-class Bloggers Do to Improve Their Content Marketing Efforts appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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Content Marketing Performance: A Framework for Measuring Real Business Impact

Content marketing and content strategy are woefully misaligned. By that, I mean far too many marketers commit content marketing without a commitment, or often even a thought, to content strategy. Why are we creating content. Marketers who measure Likes or shares only rarely attach meaningful business value to these social signals, making these volume metrics hollow and almost meaningless.

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10 Ways to Get Into the Content Marketing 38%

Are you among the 62% of content marketers whose efforts aren’t effective. Want to join the 38% who say their efforts are worthwhile. Follow these 10 ways to help your content marketing do what it’s supposed to do – grow your brand. Continue reading The post 10 Ways to Get Into the Content Marketing 38% appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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