By Sylvia Marino

Which Social Media Metrics Matter?



…if you’re trying to raise brand awareness, impression is the most important. If you want to build a community, engagement is the measurement to look at. If your goal is to drive users to your website, you should pay attention to traffic and conversions.

The main social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – provide tools to help a social media manager understand how audiences interact with posts. Understanding what people are liking, sharing, engaging with and taking a call to action can help define your next steps marketing efforts.

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All of the Social Media Metrics That Matter

Did you know that when it comes to social media metrics, there are hundreds you could be analyzing? But the real question is, do you know where to find them and are they all necessary for your business?

The Six Most Effective Social Media Metrics To Understand Your Campaign’s Success

Measuring your results from these campaigns is always a top priority. The main challenge is figuring out which metrics are most important and how to apply them.

10 Metrics to Track for Social Media Success

Analyzing the raw data on campaign performance helps you determine which tactics are working. Here are 10 social media metrics you should be monitoring on Facebook and Twitter.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Has The Best Engagement of Them All? – Like/Follower Ratio Explained

One metric that you will always stumble upon when using social media channels for your influencer marketing strategy is the Like Follower Ratio or Engagement Rate. The metric is crucial to determine how engaging an Influencer and his or her audience is.

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By Sylvia Marino
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