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PublishThis Advisor Bruce Clay Named a Top 3 SEO Agency

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BigContentDaily says:

BigContentDaily wants to congratulate PublishThis advisor Bruce Clay on his SEO agency being named one of the top 3 SEO agencies by The experts at Topseos have a stringent process for routinely evaluating the best of the best of SEO agencies and Bruce Clay and team have risen high on the list again.

Bruce Clay, Inc. is an innovative agency that has been a thought leader in the space for a long time. In fact, Bruce has previously worked with PublishThis on a study to validate that editorial curation can provide SEO value, giving brands a wider variety of content format options that can lighten the load of an editorial calendar with quality content their teams can create.

Bruce confirms what brands, publishers, and agencies know: providing well-designed, useful, and engaging content is the key to SEO success. But what he points out is that short-form curation with sufficient editorial commentary that puts the content into context for target audiences can be a potent part of a content strategy. As his research shows, this format of content can gain similar Google ranking if content creators follow Bruce’s simple strategy to ensure value with each curated content article. Used properly, this strategy can even raise the ROI on previously-created content that gets recirculated into your new digest articles.

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