By Scott Decker

Platform Release: Updates to our Bookmarklet


Our latest update to the platform is a much needed improvement to our Bookmarklet. When we first released the Bookmarklet many years ago, gathering information from pages, outside of our platform, was easier to do. Now, with improvements to browsers, security, and other items, our Bookmarklet needed a much needed update.

Updates Included:

  • Updated Bookmarklet backend to match our current ContentHQ platform for faster updates/improvements in the future
  • The bookmarking process has been improved to sub second in most cases.
  • Log in/Log out issues have been fixed for those people who use the Bookmarklet exclusively
  • A few other platform bug fixes have been included

The current Bookmarklet that everyone has will still work as we are fully backwards compatible.
Anyone who wishes to get the bookmarklet may find it here: Get Bookmarklet

This release is planned for: Dec 10th, 2019 11:59pm PST to Dec 11th, 2019 1:00am PST.

You can learn more about the platform, ask us questions, suggest or up vote new features on our Support site.
By Scott Decker
Scott Decker is the President and Founder of PublishThis. Before PublishThis, he led technology at, Blue Nile, and development solutions for the government. When he’s not running PublishThis, the industry’s most advanced content platform, he’s exploring new technologies, preparing for next Halloween, or watching something with superheroes, dinosaurs, or at least a lot of explosions.