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New Content Launches with PublishThis


Our customers are awesome. You may say that since we’re from L.A., we think everything is awesome but, no, these PublishThis customer launches deserve that description! Both brands and media companies are using our Big Content solution to scale their team’s content production to help them deliver on their goals. We just want to congratulate them on the launch with PublishThis.

In each case, our customers have created a new content experience for their customers and audiences using our next-gen platform for content discovery, production, and publishing in a way that makes excellent use of our industry-leading technology.

Whether it’s creating microsites that provide value to B2B customers, scaling the efforts of an editorial team with a Herculean daily content schedule, creating the definitive industry news site for a specific topic, or powering a wide range of niche topic newsletters, PublishThis clients are realizing the power of our Big Content solution and achieving their goals by producing better content more often for all of their digital destinations.

So congratulations on the launches to the teams at Fox Sports, Mercer, Naylor, and Sage Software. We’re proud of the great-looking content projects you’ve launched and are thrilled to be your trusted content partner!

Fox Sports Launches PublishThis-Powered Content to their Website

BigContentDaily says:

Fox Sports has already been using PublishThis to create hundreds of daily newsletters for each sport, league, and team, saving their editors a lot of time. Now, the team responsible for the newsletters is also helping bring the content they create to Fox Sport’s website, via an integration with Adobe CQ. Kudos to the team on a successful launch and extension of their newsletter team’s capabilities to include more digital channels.

Pacers looking to play smaller, faster next season

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Sage Software launches the Sage Advice Microsite with PublishThis

BigContentDaily says:

Sage Software knows that connecting with prospects and customers is more meaningful when you’re sharing worthwhile and useful content sure to engage and help them. Sage is using PublishThis to curate a powerhouse mix of content for their Sage Advice microsite (which is accessible from the Sage home page) that includes their own previously-created articles and videos alongside interesting and thoughtful content from a select group of sources they compiled with the help of some PublishThis Content Specialists (our highly-trained content experts).

This business management software helps you manage accounting, customers, inventory, services, jobs and employees-all in one centralized system. Ideal for mid-sized and smaller distributors and manufacturers looking to streamline operations in a cost-effective and accessible way. Perfect for mid-sized and smaller businesses looking to connect all operations enterprise-wide and access intelligent insight that drives global growth and profitability.

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Mercer Signal launches using PublishThis

BigContentDaily says:

Mercer recently launched Signal, their news site about the healthcare industry in the US. Using PublishThis, they are curating important articles with their team’s expert take to appear alongside their own high-quality content. With PublishThis as part of their solution, Mercer is able to expand their coverage to a wider range of healthcare topics, publish quality content right when the news is happening, and still give their team more time to focus on their ‘gem’ original reports and articles.

Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments.

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Naylor powers trade association newsletters with the help of PublishThis

BigContentDaily says:

Naylor helps trade associations build newsletters that keep them connected with their membership. Using a mix of content from the association, members, and industry news alongside their conversion points, PublishThis helps Naylor organize and produce these regular email newsletters for a wide variety of niche industry associations.

Formed in the early 60s, Rural Water Districts/Regional Systems have grown to become major participants in the protection of public health and of drinking water sources. The make-up of large service areas, miles of pipe that transcends multiple counties, and the funding and regulatory structures designed primarily for municipal operations, now present unique funding and regulatory challenges for rural districts.

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By Scott Decker
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