By Sylvia Marino

Influencing C-Level Leadership


For the average content producer, this group has proven to be a somewhat elusive target that you’re not likely to encounter in your broader content marketing segments. Perhaps the largest challenge marketers face in reaching C-level executives is their own perception of them.

First, here’s some background on the typical C-Level executive: They don’t behave like anyone else. An article from the Content Marketing Institute narrowed down three main reasons executives are so difficult to reach:

  • Their decisions carry more weight. The decisions made by this group tend to have a big impact on the rest of their organization and are heavily focused on outcomes and clear value.
  • These executives rely on advice and information from those they perceive to be their peers and “real” experts rather than self-proclaimed experts. They trust their peers.
  • This group has a high-level view of the needs of their organization and know what they want, so their time is valuable. They can’t afford to waste time on weak or fluffy sales content.

Focusing on these simple factors will allow you to interact easier than ever. Once you understand their preferences and specific needs, you’ll be able to develop an effective content plan that reaches and exerts influence this market.

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By Sylvia Marino
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