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Influencer Marketing Grows



The traditional display ads and pop-over windows are still in play, but for younger generations, the tendency to build bonds with a brand has been fostered by relationships and experiences. Brands are recognizing this shift in how to reach a new generation of consumers and as a result, are increasing influencer marketing programs.

The role of the influencer is one of trusted friend, liaison, ambassador, lifestyle guide – authentic. The influencer engages with consumers, shares their interactions with brands, and in essence, takes people on a shared journey. The result? Brand loyalty.

65% of brands report a boost in sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

Influencer marketing will continue to develop as the market and platform tools leveraging artificial intelligence and virtual reality mature and fuel momentum.

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Budgets Increase for Influencer Marketing

A new survey from the Association of National Advertisers shows strong and growing approval of influence marketing, with more than 75% of them using it, and 54% saying they were satisfied or very satisfied with how well it works. Tops among the social sites cited by the brand executives was Facebook (86%) followed by Instagram (84%).

How Influencer Marketing Has Changed, in 5 Charts

Influencer marketing is growing up, thanks to a deflation of the price bubble that marked its early days, as well as changes on Facebook and Instagram – where most influencer dollars are spent – that make smaller influencers more effective than big reach plays.

Influencers Offer The Experiences Consumers Crave

This translates into marketing as experiences become increasingly influential in consumer behaviour. In the same way quality time with our loved ones can encourage deeper bonds, a memorable experience can have a huge effect on brand loyalty. 65% of brands report a boost in sales, brand awareness and customer loyalty thanks to these events.

Brands That Use Influencer Marketing Can Boost Returns And Conversions

Although we recognise the influence of a celebrity when we shop, more and more we are turning to our friends and colleagues — or lesser-known influencers — when we want to by something new. Brands are increasingly adopting engagement strategies that incorporate a wide array of influencers to help their conversion rates and advertising reach.

How to Find the Best Influencers for Your eCommerce Brand

With 67% of marketers increasing their influencer marketing budgets this year, it’s safe to say this “new” marketing strategy is reaching its heyday. If you want your influencer marketing campaign to bring an impressive ROI, you need to recruit influencers with the creative skills and audience makeup that matches your brand message.

A Brand’s Guide to Customized Content for Influencer Marketing

​There’s so much talk about how the intersection of tech and marketing is changing how we go to market.  For brands, customizing content by platform, delivery method and length is a must-do to stay relevant with your audience. We’re diving into some platform-specific content brands can create with ambassadors and influencers.

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