By Sylvia Marino

The Impact on Content Marketing of Declining Attention Spans


As you consider this, consider your content marketing strategy and what this reveals:

  1. People don’t have the ability or patience to read your content
  2. Even if interested, complex or comprehensive content won’t be read
  3. Other factors besides content strategy, such as site speed, matter a great deal

Here are ways to protect yourself as attention spans continue to decrease:

Embrace the KISS principle (Keep it Simple, Stupid)
Short versus long copy has long been debated about which is more effective. While both have their places, more often than not, the KISS principle wins out.

Nick Dutko, the CEO of Auto Transport Quote Services spells it out clearly:

Ultimately, the goal of a solid content marketing strategy is to drive good ROI. There is no point in having content that does not add to your bottom line. For this reason, simple, clear content will always win.

Here are a few tips that will make a difference:

  1. Highlight important keywords
  2. Use bullets to make important points stand out
  3. Use subheadings to break out key sections
  4. Focus on one idea per paragraph

Website accessibility is as important as your entire content strategy
As people focus on their content strategy, the technical components of their website take a back burner or get ignored altogether.

Go beyond strategy and focus on website accessibility. Why? For one, a single second delay in how long your site takes to load will cost you 7 percent in conversions and about 40 percent of people will simply exit your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

We are more impatient than we ever have been before and few will exchange their time for your content.

If it’s important, it bears repeating
The rule of 7 is important if you want someone to pay attention. In short, it is said that your customer will need to see your offer at least seven times before they really pay attention. In the age of declining attention spans, you’ll need to do this effectively and will likely be the most powerful park of you content strategy.

  1. Repurpose key pieces of content into different formats (images, slides, text, etc.)
  2. Distribute the key pieces of content across different channels (email, social, etc.)
  3. Use smart retargeting to get people to see your content again and again

Make your content more engaging
Much has been written about engaging your customer. To keep it simple, use either humor or storytelling to convey your points. People are busy and engrossed in their work. If you can lighten up their mood or engaging them in a story that captures their attention, they’ll focus on your content.

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By Sylvia Marino
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