By Sylvia Marino

HTTPS is Now The Rule


On July 24th, 2018, Google released a new version of the Chrome browser and with it a big step toward a more secure internet.

Have you ever noticed the green padlock on the left of your URL when you’re on websites? This padlock means that the website you’re viewing uses SSL and is serving content via HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. Google has been pursuing this for two years now but the newest version of the browser will display a ‘Not Secure’ label as a prefix to HTTP connections.

When you are browsing the web via HTTP, all of the communication being sent and received is in plain text. Plain text communication can be intercepted en route. While this may not be a concern when you are surfing the web for your next Netflix show, it is definitely a concern when using banking or healthcare information.  HTTPS encrypts your communication and stops the data from being intercepted.

What Does This Mean?

Going forward, HTTPS will be mandatory. And sites that don’t comply will start showing larger and bolder warnings about sites that aren’t secure, which is a turnoff to customers. Google rankings will also prioritize HTTPS sites over HTTP.

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By Sylvia Marino
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