By Scott Decker

How Students Used PublishThis to Curate RJI’s Mobile First Symposium | Mediashift | PBS


BigContentDaily says:

Great article on how students at one of the country’s most prestigious journalism schools used PublishThis to “live-curate” an event about the need for publishers of all kinds to adopt a Mobile First strategy. The event featured speakers from Google, CNN, Hearst, Mashable, and many more influential organizations. While the speakers presented, the students, local attendees, and even remote attendees watching the live feed were able to curate news, articles, and other content related to the speakers and the subjects they discussed – all of which were published to the event’s microsite, which is keeping the valuable content shared during the event live long after the two-day conference ended.


At the Missouri School of Journalism, students are guinea pigs for new innovations, products and processes that are breaking ground in the news and digital spheres. Ten students in Jim Flink’s Emerging Technologies class had firsthand experience using a curation news application during a live event…

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By Scott Decker
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