By Scott Decker

Heat Up Your Content Marketing For Summer


Summer is upon us – although for us Angelenos, summertime isn’t much different than any other day. Hopefully, you’re planning some time at the beach or the lake to take a break under sunny skies. That doesn’t mean you can’t still heat up your content marketing efforts (that resort has wi-fi, right?) while you have your feet in the sand. To help warm up your reading list, I’ve selected some best practices and tips from top content marketing sources that you can start using today.

We start with Brad Zomick’s tips on how to grow your content marketing career. He notes, based on Google keywords searches, that content marketing requires a more expansive skill set than the traditional marketer. Luckily, there are tons of articles daily that are published by top influencers in these areas to help you build your ability and expand your knowledge. If possible, I suggest attending conferences in the content marketing space. PublishThis will be attending the upcoming Content Marketing World in September (be sure to stop by). It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from the biggest influencers in content marketing.

One of the top questions I get from customers is, “How can I improve my page’s conversion rate?” Marie Schlutt gives a similar response to what I tell clients – know your audience so you can get the right content to the right person. Once you find the right content, it’s much like real estate, except it’s all about “data, data, data”. Another question Maria answers is how to save time and money for content marketing but still see results. You don’t have to be Forbes or Red Bull to have a successful content marketing strategy, just the right tactics. In the case of smaller teams, content curation is a perfect solution to scale your content and gain value from adding your own commentary to put it in context for your audience. Recirculation is another great tactic to combine with curation. Re-using existing blog posts in new pieces, such as a digest post or roundup of multiple articles, can give new life to a high-quality older piece of relevant content, increasing your ROI on the work you’ve already done.

Read on to discover more content marketing tips so your blog, social posts, and newsletters can sizzle in the summer the right way:

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