By Sylvia Marino

A Guide for Measuring Content Marketing ROI


Before you start your process of measuring- take some baselines of your total cost to produce and publish content in addition to revenue per article.

A simple formula from Jay Bear of Convince and Convert is

“Return minus investment, divided by investment, expressed as a percentage”

Calculating ROI isn’t always easily defined, luckily, Business 2 Community has put together a guide of metrics and definitions to help in the quest of measuring content ROI.

  1. Website Metrics
  2. Qualitative Metrics
  3. Social Media Metrics
  4. Subscriber Metrics
  5. Email Newsletter Metrics
  6. Thought Leadership Metrics
  7. Lead Generation & Sales Metrics

Get your spreadsheets out and start calculating!

Read More at Business 2 Community

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By Sylvia Marino
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