By Sylvia Marino

Friday Internet Fun Stats and Facts


Who doesn’t love some trivia tidbits going into the weekend? We scoured the internet with PublishThis to find some fun and interesting usage facts about the internet and online activities.

According to researchers at Mozilla:

  • Google is #1 – Google Chrome has 64.7% of the desktop browser market and 47.8% of the mobile browser market. The Google dominates in search too with 95% of mobile users relying on the big G to give them results.
  • Electric Pigs – By 2025, global tech companies will be responsible for more carbon emissions than any country except China, India, and the United States.
  • US Women Rule – More men than women are online in every country except the United States
In the world of Digital Marketing:
  • 71% of people think ads are becoming more intrusive according to a recent survey.​
  • Facebook ad spend increased 62% year-on-year despite the recent Cambridge Analytics scandal.

And for the truly immersed – internet addiction disorder was first defined and classified as a behavioral addiction in 1998.

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By Sylvia Marino
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