By Sylvia Marino

Finding Your Content Marketing Strategy Course with Journey Maps


It’s an old example, but soap operas from the mid-1930’s up through the1970’s, targeted housewives who listened or watched the Monday-Friday daily ongoing episodic shows. The main sponsors were soap manufacturers and other household cleaning supplies. Marketers had an audience in the middle of a chore, willing to listen about products that could help, in exchange for content. What better time to suggest a new laundry detergent than when someone is doing laundry?

The development of marketing personas – who is likely to buy your product, why, and what influences them – has become more complex and opportunistic over time with the introduction of technology and data to fine-tune accuracy on different targets with content.

Mapping your content to the buyer’s journey will help ensure you hit them at the right place and right time with the most relevant, high-value content that will spur them into a desired action.

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By Sylvia Marino
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