By Sylvia Marino

Email Newsletters Drive Subscribers, Paid Content


Earlier in the year, HuffPo UK announced more topic-specific newsletters to combat Facebook’s change in prioritizing publisher’s content.

“We’re seeing a trend in deepening engagement through richer formats that reach people, not necessarily through Google and Facebook,” said Jack Riley, international strategy director at HuffPost. “Our aspiration is to create deeply engaged communities of people around specific topic areas.”

The Telegraph and The Daily Beast are each adjusting email newsletters to drive subscribers to paid content offerings.

The Daily Beast recently launched PayDirt, an exclusive-content newsletter covering the muckraking of Washington DC politics. The bet is providing content that can only be found in the newsletter will strengthen The Daily Beast’s reader loyalty, so much so that they would be willing to pay for access to exlusive content.

Similar to HuffPo UK, The Telegraph plans on increasing its vertical newsletter offerings in the areas of sports, personal finance, and lifestyle with an effort to build communities of readers within the brand.

By building up a large pool of registered users, the publisher can learn more about its audience in order to then convert them into paying subscribers to its premium subscription, where readers have access to roughly 20 percent of The Telegraph’s best content.

To help drive engagement from email newsletters, The Telegraph uses email to involve readers from asking a poll question in the morning newsletter where readers click to the site to vote, to then reporting the poll results out in the afternoon newsletter along with reader comments explaining their vote.

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By Sylvia Marino
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