By Scott Decker

Digital Publishers Lose Nearly Half Their LinkedIn Referral Traffic

LinkedIn Drives Less Referral Traffic

BigContentDaily says:

Is LinkedIn a Friend or Foe for publishers? In the B2B space, it seems like a natural social network to drive traffic for publishers with an obvious focus on business and not the dessert and selfie shares you tend to see on the more ‘social’ of social networks with a name brand. Yet, the dropoff of nearly half the referral traffic comes while business people are actually doing more shares on the platform than they have in the past.

Like Facebook’s Instant Articles, LinkedIn’s Pulse (as well as its rapidly-expanding Influencer program) are tools to turn the social world into content powerhouse. However, unlike Facebook with its attempt to make a connection (however lopsided) with publishing houses to bring their premium content into Facebook’s space, LinkedIn is finding its own way to get user-generated content onto their site so it becomes a channel of its own that brands and publishers need to worry about. With its focus on people themselves as much as businesses for which they work and the immediate add to what is effectively their online resume, LinkedIn has a built-in motivation for individuals to share their work.

With the natural connection to both the business and the individual, it seems hard for publishers to break fully away from LinkedIn. Instead, it has become yet another channel to consider when formatting your content and setting up your publishing schedule. Thank goodness for Big Content solutions.

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LinkedIn used to be a steady referral source for many publishers. But that’s changed as the social network for professionals has prioritized its own media and its contributor network. For the first four months of the year, referral traffic to SimpleReach’s 1,000 publisher base declined 44 percent, according to the firm, which provides industry content performance measurement and distribution.

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