By Scott Decker

Cool Off Your Summer With Digital Marketing Insights


This summer has been a hot one and it makes me appreciate that I live in an era with air conditioning. With August on its way, how are you feeling with your digital marketing efforts? Time to heat them up or cool down with some great insight into the ways you can make your content marketing more effective? Read on for a selection of both.

First, Matt McGee breaks down Facebook’s new video content features for pages. Visual content is the new marketing craze these days. Videos are an ideal way to engage viewers, and if you are in the millennial generation, you know you would rather watch a short video than a long written article piece. Yes, it’s sad but it’s the truth and marketers need to just follow the trends and not judge our generation for that (Ed. Note: We’ll still judge you. Love, Gen-X). Facebook knows this, which is why it’s expanding their video content options so YouTube may have an up-and-coming competitor.

For the B2B crowd, Saragh Greesonback gives you insight on social media content marketing. Bigger is not always better and you need to define who your targeted community is and how to connect and engage with them to be truly successful in the wild world of social.

Want to know some hot digital marketing stats from this past week? Read AdWeek, where they discuss the trailer for The Revenant hitting nearly 16 million views in three days from YouTube and Facebook (videos work!).

Another viral subject is the recent hacking of the “secret dating” platform,, where up to 40 million users’ information has been exposed. This is a great reminder that what you do on the Internet is never truly private. Cyber-security anyone?

Lastly, Ashley Zeckerman shares 5 ways to exercise and develop your digital marketing muscles. The first step is “make time everyday” and it reminds me of advice I’ve heard before: things you do once a week are chores, things you do daily are a habit. Like anything, education is key in developing your knowledge and committing to taking that time each day to read what top thought leaders are saying will pay off over time as you can become a thought leader yourself. Our roundup counts – enjoy your mental workout!

Facebook Pages Get New, YouTube-Like Tools For Publishing & Managing Videos

As Facebook continues its focus on video content, it’s helping Page owners come along for the ride with a new set of tools announced today that will help video publishers control and manage their video content. Facebook says all of these upgrades will be rolled out globally to Pages “over the coming weeks.” Be a part of SMX East, the world’s largest search marketing conference programmed by the team from our sister site Search Engine Land.

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What Does “Community” Mean for B2B Digital Marketing?

B2B businesses often approach social media marketing with an attitude that “bigger is better.” They eagerly believe that the more followers, the better. The more tweets at more times in the day, the better. However, effective B2B digital marketing is not a clear-cut numbers game. In fact, smaller numbers are [ ].

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The past week was filled with unusually enticing digital marketing numbers-with an upcoming Hollywood epic taking online video by storm, e-commerce insights and branded buzz around body painting. If critics’ reviews of The Revenant are as positive as the Internet’s early reaction, there will be …

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5 Ways to Exercise & Develop Your Digital Marketing Muscles

To make the most of the gorgeous weekend we just had, I found a bunch of active things to do. On Friday we went to the gym, Saturday consisted of Disc Golf and Sunday sent us to one of […] The post 5 Ways to Exercise & Develop Your Digital Marketing Muscles appeared first on Online Marketing Blog – TopRank .

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