By Sylvia Marino

Content Marketing is a Path to Brand Advocacy


eMarketer estimates that 87.0% of US B2B companies will use digital content marketing this year.

The contrarian view of content marketing is that we are oversaturated with content. But leveraging content and touchpoints will remain a conduit to success.

It’s true,we are surrounded by volumes of content, and the brands that are thriving realize that creating quality content is a cornerstone to their marketing strategy. How is this done? By rising above the noise with content that is engaging, presented properly, and adds a tangible or intangible value to the reader or customer.

But gaining a new reader or customer shouldn’t be the endgame, keeping them should be.

Imagine how large your business would be if you never lost a customer. – Bill Carmody , Forbes Councils

The next phase in content marketing is to use our interactions, content, and content distribution methods to nurture and grow brand advocates, allowing them to share their experiences with others.

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By Sylvia Marino
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