By Sylvia Marino

Content Marketing Growth Continues



Remember the early days online? Websites were simply digital brochures and a business would hope to be found online and read. Of the 501 digital marketers surveyed with 100 or more employees, 53% are spending time and money on content marketing to drive brand awareness, traffic, leads, and improve their overall business.

The type of content being created – videos, blogs, research data, infographics, interviews, and reviews – has also changed as technology has evolved with video leading the charge at 72% at the type of content created, followed closely by blogs (69%).

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7 Invaluable Marketing Skills That Help Teams Produce Consistently Great Content

In speaking with thousands of marketers and businesses over the past several years, we’ve learned that marketing has an incredible potential to impact people’s lives. In fact, the American Marketing Association defines marketing as: “The activity, set of institutions, skills, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

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By Sylvia Marino
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