By Scott Decker

Content Curation: The Key to a Successful Content Marketing Marriage


Spring is here and that means the wedding invitations will start hitting the mailboxes. My own walk down the aisle is coming up and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to have a successful marriage. It’s exciting but also intimidating! How do you forge a relationship to last a lifetime? The advice I keep hearing is that effective communication, honesty, and trust are key elements. As a content marketing strategist, it sure sounded a lot like what a company needs to do in order to build a lasting relationship with its customers.

Just like marriages, content marketing strategies can end in disaster.  All too often, companies expect to just achieve content bliss with a quick plan, writers, and the latest tools. The truth is that it needs a realistic approach. Modern brands know they need to feed content to all the destinations where their customers can be found but the pace of always-on consumption means it is hard to produce enough high-quality content that is truly relevant for their customers.

Successful brands and media companies are using a blend of content formats that include curation-driven articles to meet the demand of multi-destination publishing. Using curated content to add credibility is powerful way to build thought leadership. More important, we keep reading more research that prospects actually prefer external content at different stages in the customer journey, as a complement to internal content. Curation lets you bring reliable 3rd party voices into your content marketing strategy to help gain the trust you simply can’t earn by just producing content about your products and services.

Curation can power all of those key benefits: regular communication through scale, honesty through external validation, and trust from showing thought leadership in your industry. With this strategy, you can meet the needs of your customers by being useful and interesting, which will help you meet your own goals of sales, traffic, and deeper engagement. A perfect content marketing marriage is inevitable!

To help you build your successful content marketing union, we’ve assembled some great advice from notable leaders in the industry just below:

Curating Content Tips, Tools and Traffic

For a business to succeed, it’s critical to share and promote only the most relevant content available. These content curation tips and tricks will not only position any business as an industry leader, organize the content in a cohesive fashion, but it will also become an effective source of traffic.

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Team Curation & Collaboration

BigContentDaily says:

Read about how SAP created a real-time, content-driven microsite with a mix of curated SAP-branded content and targeted third-party articles using PublishThis. SAP launched this conversion-oriented microsite in just two weeks.


Human Content Curation: How It Builds Your Business Brand

In addition to redesigning your original content to meet the varied needs of your audience, you should strongly consider curating content from other sources that are also recognized authorities in your space. We’ve all learned to ignore automated “set it and forget it” methods of content curation. However, a trend you should be aware of…

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Multiplatform News Brands Tasked With Curation, Personalization

When it comes to cultivating multiplatform brands in today’s news media landscape, “the walls are down.” That was the consensus of a panel of digital media executives in at the 2015 Media Summit in NYC Thursday. The post Multiplatform News Brands Tasked With Curation, Personalization appeared first on Cablefax.

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Tips and Tricks for Better Content Curation

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How To Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons (Examples Included)

Content curation is not an aggregation of existing content, references, or links. Learn more about how to boost your content curation with these eight lessons and numerous actionable tips. Continue reading The post How To Curate Content Like A Pro: 8 Lessons (Examples Included) appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

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How Content Curation Can Help You Come Up with Awesome Content Ideas

Content marketing serves many purposes. It gives you an opportunity to establish a brand, build a reputation, reach your audience, and turn clicks into conversions. Content is a powerful form of digital marketing, but like anything else, there are stumbling blocks that trip up marketers from reaching its full potential.

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