By Sylvia Marino

Content Curation for Employee Training & Development


According to findings from the High-Impact Learning Organization study by Bersin by Deloitte, employees find it most difficult to learn, NOT because there isn’t enough content, but because there is TOO MUCH of it, and they cannot find what is valuable. – SHIFT

Enter Content Curation Curating Content is a streamlined method of gathering relevant content. By aggregating and filtering what is important, putting it into context, and organizing it for employees, time is saved.

According to McKinsey, high-skill knowledge workers spend 19% of their day searching and gathering information. That’s nearly one day per week lost. – People Matters

In curating content and not having to create each piece of content, employers benefit from time saved in researching and writing materials from scratch and also broaden their scope of content sources available. Employers also benefit from the ability to be more timely in curating and annotating the latest news.

Getting Started is Easy
One method is to create a weekly newsletter for employees, curating articles from the week that are relevant to your business, career development, and corporate culture.

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By Sylvia Marino
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