By Scott Decker

Content Analytics To Vanish With the Ads in iOS 9

Apple Watch

BigContentDaily says:

As a great lover of all things Apple, I’ll admit that I appreciate the way the iPhone, iOS and the Mac in general are a closed environment designed with the user experience in mind. You won’t see bloatware apps or advertising on an iOS device that carriers love to pile onto Android phones.

But the Content Blocking tools that are coming with iOS 9 later this fall give even this Cupertino fanboy pause. While the average mobile user will love the idea of ad blocking (especially since mobile ad units are getting more and more obtrusive), this article notes that these controls will get in the way of standard content analytics tools as well.

That means real problems for publishers and brands that have come to rely on metrics to intelligently drive their content efforts (a Big Content idea for sure) and target it based on user and/or usage data.

Moreover, forget the clever tools like Optimizely and that will lose their capabilities – think of how Google Analytics will be affected, a platform that an enormous number of companies rely upon for their content planning, ad buys, and more.

Could Apple be using the ability to block these content analytics tools (with the excuse of protecting their users from a poor experience) as a thrust in the war with Google? Or maybe Apple’s providing a path that supports subscription services for publishers since their environment can so easily be throttled to only opt-in content? Does that mean then only Apple controls the content analytics?

A controlled content environment could be even more important when you think about the Apple Watch and other wearables Apple may or may not be considering. Consuming content in those spaces is could be unbearable if the advertising gets in the way.

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

1fce8a2e078bdfd970397ddd266eab8f_bookmarkImage_1216x608_xlarge_original_1Earlier this week I wrote about the coming hellfire for those who make their money off advertising: content blocking in iOS 9. Issues with ad blocking and publishers being starved of oxygen aside, there’s another big problem on the horizon: mass content blocking will also break important marketing tools used to measure and communicate with customers.

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