By Sylvia Marino

Connect Your Brand Through Storytelling


There are many types and ways to tell your story. Storytelling uses romance, adventure, humor, and facts to convey events that, with some effort, unfold before the reader in a way that keeps their attention and directs their thoughts. Storytelling is not the same as placing your brand or mark everywhere either — Storytelling builds on itself and engages your audience over time.

There is a recipe for doing this. First, however, you must understand your company. Look at your customers and ask yourself the most important question they will ask: What is in it for me? Through your story, you’re sharing your brand’s DNA. Your brand’s DNA is a reflection of what you do well and what is expected of you — it’s your reason for existing.

Once you know what you’re trying to share in your story, you must then set the tone. Is it friendly to your brand? Authentic? Sophisticated? Mature? Childish? Hip? Your tone must convey where your customer is headed instead of where they are.

Lastly, the hard part in connecting is filling out the rest of the story. You will need to use words, images, video, facts, figures, taglines, and emotion to express your brand. This will, if properly crafted, create leverage. Knowing your customer’s touch points and how to communicate with them is, in essence, walking in their shoes.

Use data and statistics and research when you’re telling a story. At Stanford Universty, they found that statistics combined with stories have a retention rate of 65–70%. –Medium, The Mission

Leveraging this story and your DNA by expressing the heart of your company tells your story succinctly and resonates with your customer. When you get it right, the heart of your brand and the heart of your customer will become one.

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By Sylvia Marino
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