10 Content Masters Who Get It

Adweek released the Creative 100, consisting of the most creative professionals in marketing, tech, and media. One such list is of branded content masters. These pros have proven you can be creative in your work, and that great content is something that is always being created.

Great content isn’t a myth – it’s achievable. As you know, it can be challenging to be out-doing your last efforts and continuing to be innovative in your branding. Doing what you’ve always done doesn’t make sense if you want to see better results.

These content pros are recognized for their creativity with content. While there are many others out there that have excellent branded content, we can all learn something from those recognized in this list.


Most marketers these days have become big believers in the power of branded content, but that’s not to say many of them are very good at it. As part of Adweek’s Creative 100-recognizing some of today’s most innovative personalities in marketing, media and tech-we compiled a list of 10 branded content pros who are setting the bar for a new category of creativity.