12 Brutal Truths About Mobile for B2B & B2C Publis...

An honest, curated list of some brutal changes we in media just need to adjust (or lean in) to due to our increasingly mobile-driven world.

The worlds of digital publishing and content in general are being rocked in a way that, as one observers from the The Awl notes, is much like the transiton to the web from print (you’re done with that, right? No? Well, get ready for the equivalent of selling one house while buying another one. It isn’t pretty.)

Top items to consider include:

  • Is that brand going to replace your media voice? – Brands know that they can (and should) be producing news these days but how do you know when they are replacing your role in the space?

These are going to sting a little. You ready? 1. It’s going to get worse Mobile is disrupting all aspects of the media business – behavior, revenue and brand – and we have yet to experience the full extent of its bite.