By Sylvia Marino

8 Tips for Content Marketers

  1. Curate content – leverage the power of curation to add diversity, data, and depth
  2. Repurpose old content and grow your evergreen content library
  3. Expanded formats – add videos or infographics to your content line-up
  4. Promote your content 20% time to create, 80% time to promote
  5. Create a series – in a guide, newsletter, or blog posts
  6. Conduct interviews – with customers, employees, and advocates
  7. Invite guest contributors – change up your pace and voice with guest blog or video contributions
  8. Make it a group effort – invite employees to suggest topics or contribute to your content creation efforts

Creating content that is relevant to your audience is an effective way to increase readers, engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Finding the right software and workflows to streamline these efforts is equally as important. PublishThis provides a streamlined method for producing content, saving time and money in production costs. Ask us how we can help!

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By Sylvia Marino
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