By Sylvia Marino

6 Things to Never Post on Social Media


Here is a list of ‘taboo’ subjects that have no place in your social media content program.

1. Angry Rants

Any anger you have toward customers, employees, competitors is best left for other avenues of discussion.

2. Divisive Political Opinions

Your followers have diverse, passionate different political beliefs. It’s never a good idea to share your views or opinions that are divisive or will alienate.

3. Fake News

If there has ever been a time to stay clear of fake news, it’s now. Be careful not to share anything that’s not true. It will make your business look bad and lead to your followers being misinformed.

4. Complicated Customer Service Issues

It’s worth noting that social media is not the place for you to settle customer service issues. Respond to customers’ original posts is helpful, but then try to move it to email or another format if you need more information. Better yet, use the phone, if possible.

5. Anything Illegal

It should be obvious that anything illegal is a very bad idea, even if legal in your own state but not elsewhere. Remember, the authorities can even use what you post against you.

6. Risque Photos or Content

Sexually suggestive content, whether photos, video, or copy should absolutely be avoided.

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By Sylvia Marino
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