By Scott Decker

3 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Content Marketing


When it comes to content marketing, there are a few tactics and techniques that are sometimes overlooked or completely forgotten. Having worked on editorial teams in both the digital publishing space as well as the video games industry, I’ve come across some learnings. Referencing the following oversights and implementing the “low-hanging fruit” suggestions below can help improve content discoverability, drive engagement and potentially increase time spent on your page/channels.

1. Not using data to inform your content strategy

Remember, when you’re crafting content for your site and social channels, it’s important to start with the basics. First, figure out who your audience is. Ask yourself where they’re coming from, what topics they’re most interested in and whether the content you’re creating is driving social engagements including shares, likes, comments, retweets and favs. Data can also help inform when your content gets the most engagement. For example, are you posting at an optimal time? Looking at analytics will help determine the most opportune time of day, not to mention the days in which you get the most engagement. According to Social Media Today, “The chances of a post being retweeted are higher at 12pm and 6pm.” Additionally, data can help assess whether your content marketing strategies are successful. Are you hitting the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you set out to achieve?

2. Forgetting to use quality images and embedded content

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Throwing a stock image at the top of a blog doesn’t cut it. You should add relevant images throughout the article. Try to keep the user’s engagement high through the whole piece of content, not just the introduction.” Same goes for social channels. Make your social posts stand out by including an image (animated gifs or static), and leverage natively uploaded videos. Embedded content can help increase time spent on your site.

3. Not fishing where the fishes are and not sharing content on those channels

As mentioned above, data can help inform where your content goes. “Where you post and promote content is the key feature of a successful content marketing strategy. Spend time thinking about that question before you ever start a blog,” says the Content Marketing Institute. Where is your community most engaged? Remember, to look at where you post content and determine if that channel is where you’re getting the most engagement. Neil Patel says, “It’s not so novel. If you want to meet skateboarders, go to a skate park. If you want to meet swimmers, go to a pool. If you want to meet New Yorkers, go to New York. Go where your audience is.”


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