By Scott Decker

3 Insights For Your Millennial Marketing Strategy


BigContentDaily says:

Are you effectively marketing to millennials? While we already know plenty of things already about millennials, such as their tendency to be always-on and mobile, there are still areas left to be delved into in order to further segment the group.

This generation is the largest and most diverse yet so a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing won’t work unless you have an overarching message that really connects. That isn’t something many marketers are doing particularly well right now. The channels are right, the overall messages are right, but there’s a missing piece. What else makes them tick and how should you shift your marketing efforts to address that information?

Paul Jankowski dives into a new maketing study that looks at millennials in what’s considered the New Heartland (Southwest, Midwest, & Southeast) versus the Coasts (East, West).

The 3 key takeaways, as Jankowski notes, are:

  1. New Heartland Millennials are more focused on their personal lives while Coastals prioritize their professional careers.
  2. New Heartland Millennial women are the most disconnected from today’s brand advertising.
  3. New Heartland Millennials rank faith as a top core value, while social responsibility better defines Coastals.

With these insights into how the region a millennial lives in factors into their behaviors and beliefs, your overall messaging doesn’t have to change. If your marketing message connects at the lifestyle level, then it should have a positive result.

3 Insights to Help Your Millennial Marketing Strategy SucceedHow to effectively market to Millennials continues to dominate strategy sessions in conference rooms and it will be the hot topic for the foreseeable future. Gen X and Baby Boomer marketers tend to look at Millennials as those kooky, slacker, entitled ingrates who were coddled and rewarded since their YMCA soccer days with “participation” trophies.

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By Scott Decker
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