By Scott Decker

12 Brutal Truths About Mobile for B2B & B2C Publishers


BigContentDaily says:

An honest, curated list of some brutal changes we in B2B and B2C media just need to adjust (or lean in) to due to our increasingly mobile-driven world.

The worlds of digital publishing and content in general are being rocked in a way that, as one observers from the The Awl notes, is much like the transition to the web from print (you’re done with that, right? No? Well, get ready for the equivalent of selling one house while buying another one. It isn’t pretty.)

The whole list is worth a read but the top three items that popped right out include:

  • Is that brand going to replace your media voice? – Brands know that they can (and should) be producing news these days but how do you know when they are replacing your role in the space? This is just as true in B2C as it is in B2B.
  • Opinions are usually louder than facts – One of the reasons why curation is so important these days is to help your audience hear what is important instead of what is expressed more often or more passionately. This is amplified further in the mobile space because the format favors the social and noisy. Helping your readers get to the truly useful and worthwhile content will bring them back to you in the future because you’ve earned their trust as a voice of reason.
  • Short-Form, Done Well – We’ve talked about how a variety of formats matter before. But in the mobile world, you need to go deep on your design considerations. Just writing short-form isn’t enough. Consider the full experience of looking at your website on mobile. Is your ad unit going to frustrate users with in-your-face interruptive messages so that they never even see your content? Sure, your website is responsive, but does it provide an app-easy feel that reduces friction so your audience actually reaches your content? There’s a reason so many readers get news from Facebook – it’s right there and it’s super-simple to view. Can you say the same thing about your site or app?

Read through the full list for more insight into the kind of mobile content and user experience decisions you must make to survive in the pocket screen world:

12 Hard Truths About Mobile Media at

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By Scott Decker
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