By Scott Decker

World Cup is a Content Marketing Bonanza with Bite


The World Cup is once every four years.  It’s not only a chance for people to come together to root for their country, but it’s also a brand and marketing gold mine. Just like the Olympics, the World Cup provides a strong audience following with only the need for augmented marketing to get audiences to shift from soccer to your brand. Luis Suarez, the Uruguay soccer player who bit the opposing Italian soccer player not only made the news, but also served as leverage for campaigns. 

Harsha’s article illustrates how Snickers took the “biting” incident and incorporated in to their “Snickers Satisfies” slogan and sharing it on to Twitter and Facebook to relay their brand message and promote their product.  What is now termed “news jacking” or in this case “bite jacking”, the importance and need for brands and companies to monitor real-time content in order to leverage whatever content is trending in to their brand voice is high.

It’s also interesting to note that although Snicker’s sent out the same message to both Twitter and Facebook, Twitter was shown to have far better metrics (retweets, favorites) than Facebook.  Martin Beck seems to rationale these findings stating, “Twitter is just a better forum for public conversation about current events. One of the main reasons users flock to Twitter during major sporting and news events is to chat about their reactions”. Although Suarez is now out for the rest of the World Cup, Snickers took a marketing win thanks to his bite-worthy behavior. So remember, stay current and start tweeting.  

Big Brands Reaction to Luis Suarez ‘bite’ & Real time Marketing

Uruguay soccer player Luis Suarez who bit Italy’s player Giorgio Chiellini in the Fifa World Cup in Brazil yesterday provided a great opportunity for big brands for real time marketing using social media. Trident, TGI Friday’s, McDonald’s, Bud Light, Domino’s Pizza UK, McDonald’s Uruguay, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Snickers are some of the big brands which [ ].

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Nike’s Banking on World Cup, China and Yes, Gross Margin

NEW YORK (TheStreet) — How much will expenses related to promotion and marketing around the World Cup weigh on Nike’s (NKE) earnings. Nike will report its fiscal fourth-quarter ended May 31 on Thursday, and consensus estimates in a Thomson Reuterssurvey expect that the sports apparel and …

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Twitter Wins Real-Time Marketing Smackdown; Agency Strategist Declares Facebook Organic Reach 100% Dead

It looks like the perfect A/B test of real-time marketing. One tweet, one Facebook post for all the marbles. Snickers, like many a brand yesterday, joined the bite-jacking fray after Uruguay’s Luis Suarez appeared to sink his teeth into an Italian defender during a FIFA World Cup soccer match. Snickers posted similar messages on both Twitter and Facebook.

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Four Global Marketing Lessons Learned From the World Cup (So Far)

The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off (soccer pun intended) on June 12. Think about it – when did we first start seeing World Cup-related advertising. Coca-Cola began their sponsored FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour on September 2, 2013 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 9 months before the tournament was set to begin. Social media is a great way to get in on the conversation.

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World Cup of marketing

OPINION: Back in 1966, the last time England enjoyed success at a Fifa World Cup, the biggest feature of their 4-2 finals win over West Germany was a controversial third goal to England’s Geoff Hurst, something that remains sensitive with Germans to this day. Football may be a simple game that …

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