By Nicole Rand

Why Long-Form Content Needs to be in Your Marketing Strategy


BigContentDaily says:

While curation and short-form content helps get useful and timely material out to an audience quickly, long-form content definitely serves a purpose for your overall marketing strategy and shouldn’t be ignored. Even though it takes longer to produce, it offers a wide variety of options.

With a great ‘gem’ piece of content, you can can re-purpose it, turn it into a series of shorter articles with visual elements or video added, or even just post it as an in-depth exploration of a topic. You can start with the whole and break it up afterward into bite-sized pieces. Or cut it into pieces initially and draw them together into an ebook later.

Some of our customers actually curate a story in first and then write an update on it later. This way, they don’t miss the chance to bring their readers timely reporting on a hot story and yet they can spend the time to write a relevant follow-up article for their audience, especially if they know it’s a trending topic that is still of interest.

Here at PublishThis we encourage using original, long-form content as part of your content mix alongside short-form content that includes a curated piece of content with your own commentary to put it into context for your audience.

Read on to find out more about why long-form content should be in your content marketing strategy.


The 5 Reasons Why Long-Form Content Needs to be in Your Marketing StrategyFrom establishing industry expertise to giving new life to existing content, long-form content can be extremely beneficial to your content marketing strategy. Long-form content often gets shifted to the back burner due to the time, cost and collaboration requirements of building more than 800 words of truly engaging, relevant and educational content.

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By Nicole Rand
Nicole Rand works in marketing at PublishThis. Before joining PublishThis, Nicole led a patient record team at St Jude Medical, a manufacturer of implantable cardiac and pain management devices. When she’s not writing blog posts or sharing our favorite articles, videos, and content ideas with our social audience, she’s enjoying California’s beaches with her husband, singing karaoke with friends, or playing with her cats.

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