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Super Content Marketing: Round-up of Comic-Con 2014’s Best Marketing Stories


San Diego Comic-Con has been called many things (“Nerd Prom”, “Geekapalooza”) but nowadays, it is maybe the most important marketing platform for the entertainment industry. Most entertainment companies save up their reveals, their trailers, and big star appearances for this huge event.  But how do they do on content marketing at the event? Many go out of their way to bring in engaging physical experiences at Comic-Con and the smartest of them find a way to involve those at home who wish they had a ticket to the show.

In our roundup below, we capture some of the real-time responses to content marketing and lead generation efforts at Comic-Con 2014. RapidAdvance compiles some excellent lessons from the Comic-Con experience, Business 2 Community helps us surface some great lead gen tips that apply to really any big events out there, and McMurry/TMG catalogues some of the brilliant ways that the brands at the show made sure to expand the story of their product into the world of SDCC2014. These super-powered articles are sure to delight and you didn’t even have to wait in line overnight to read them.

And, yes, we’ve got a bunch of geeks in our offices – we’re really excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend!

Content marketing folks display their super powers at this year’s Comic-Con

San Diego Comic Con is often lovingly called “nerd prom”, but the annual event is always decked out in finery that leaves crepe streamers and balloons in the dust. The Con has a reputation as the place to generate buzz for everyone’s next pop-culture obsession, so every year, marketers tackle the creative challenge of creating a memorable impression for their brands amid all of the spectacle.


3 Content Marketing Lessons From Comic-Con

Each year, the world’s largest fandoms meet under one roof, discussing their shared love for a particular comic, TV, movie or book series. Comic-Con International takes place just once per year, but it draws thousands of celebrities, writers, journalists and consumers, many of which display their fandom fervor through their fashions.

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Lead Generation Tips – Use Big Events to Cover Your Own Marketing Plans

Events like the San Diego Comic Con are iconic celebrations of popular media and genre fiction. It generates buzz. Entertainment is a huge guarantee. Attendance numbers in the thousands. But for all that hype, it seems all the less reason to associate it with a highly inclusive B2B lead generation strategy. How can you expect.

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