By Scott Decker

SAP and White Rhino win 2014 AVA Digital award for the Future of Business microsite


The Future of Business site, implemented with PublishThis, wins an award!

Finding a unique way to tell stories that will draw potential customers to your site has its own rewards but you can qualify for an award, too. If you are the smart folks at SAP and White Rhino, your creative and technical prowess can earn you a 2014 AVA Digital Gold Award to recognize the innovative site you launched.

Working with leading digital agency White Rhino, Celia Brown, Sr. Director of Content Marketing at SAP, developed the Future of Business site to drive attendance to SAP’s in-person events throughout the US. Celia’s team conceived of a site that would readers to the site by giving them a comprehensive online destination to hear about how innovation is driving business today and tomorrow.

By drawing on an enormous catalog of great content from SAP’s archives, bringing in developing stories from trusted sources online, and regular roundups that paired her team’s editorial perspective with real-time news about forward-thinking business practices, the team produced a conversion-oriented site that is alive with timely information and driving readers to their subscriptions and signup links. PublishThis was brought in as the ‘content utility’ to help Celia’s team monitor the industries they covered, surface highly-relevant content to curate and pair with original commentary, and organize SAP content for recirculation alongside fresh content.

PublishThis congratulates SAP and White Rhino on their victory! See below for a link to the award-winning site and more details on the 2014 AVA Digital Awards.

AVA Digital Awards


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.11.36 PMHonoring Excellence in Digital Evolution

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SAP | Conversations on the Future of Business

The future of business starts today, with your people strategy. In a global marketplace of talent, are you capturing the opportunities presented by an increasingly mobile workforce, the rising millennial generation of workers, and new models of work and collaboration?

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White Rhino | A Strategic Marketing Group

PublishThis says:

White Rhino is currently partnering with PublishThis on additional projects. They have experience implementing PublishThis and have proved to be a valuable partner in helping our mutual clients achieve great success on digital projects.



Got a highly technical product to sell, trying to appeal to multiple decision-makers, or struggling to spread your marketing dollars across too many channels? Let us uncomplicate it for you. White Rhino is the creative agency that laughs in the face of complicated. Read More…

By Scott Decker
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