By Scott Decker

RJ Mobile First Event


Live Content Curation Event: RJI Mobile First

The oldest journalism school in the world will explore the transformative value of content curation at their Mobile First event on 3/31 and 4/1. A team of 10 students will curate news and related content during the event. At the event site, the students will discover, excerpt and add commentary to media stories, Tweets, and blog posts about the speaker’s mobile-related topics while the presentations are going on – essentially, “Live Curating” the conference.

Attendees and viewers of the event’s live video stream will be invited to participate with a browser bookmarklet allowing them to submit related content during the presentations for review by the site’s editors.

The student team will use the real-time content curation platform PublishThis to easily capture excerpted content from multiple outside sources and quickly push it to a WordPress site via a PublishThis plugin. PublishThis is a WordPress VIP Featured Partner, allowing for a seamless flow of curated and annotated items to a site.

You can even participate! To install the bookmarklet for curating content with the students during the event, go here to get the PublishThis Bookmarklet. Please note that submissions from outside sources are subject to editorial review and revision.

Join us for this live curating event next week!

Real-Time News Hub: RJI Mobile First Symposium

During the two-day event, attendees and those viewing the live stream will hear from some of the largest and most innovative companies in media and the revenue side of the business. You’ll hear from Google, The Weather Channel, Hearst, Scripps and others.

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Updating the Missouri Method with rapid iteration, multi-platform delivery

This is the second installment of Jim Flink’s coverage of his new multi-platform experiment at the University of Missouri. Check out his opening piece that ran in February. What causes species to migrate? Inhospitable conditions? A yearning for home? A longing for greener pastures?


Popularity of mobile news-reading explodes –

Excerpt: “The latest survey by the Finnish Audit Bureau of Circulations (FABC) indicates that readership of newspapers and magazines on mobile phones has more than tripled within two years. Since early 2011, readership on tablets and e-readers has shot up by nearly 1000 percent. It had by far the biggest …”

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How to Create a Real-Time Brand Newsroom

Matthew Kumin | August 20, 2013 | Comments Brand newsrooms are all the rage. Numerous brands like Coca-Cola, Verizon, Intel, and American Express are investing in large digital operations that look more and more like media companies.

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Creating innovative mobile products for emerging markets | RJI

The Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute’s Mobile First symposium on March 31-April 1 has reached full capacity and registrations are no longer being accepted. But the event will be streamed live during both days. Sign up to watch the live stream. If you have questions about attendance, please click here.


Futures Lab update #52: Newspaper video that takes on TV news; and inside news curation apps

This week we see how one newspaper hopes to compete with local television with breaking news video; and we learn more about the role of news curation apps. PART 1: Video at the Austin American-Statesman The Austin American-Statesman has a long history as a newspaper, but the staff is now looking to compete with local TV stations by providing online video coverage of breaking news.


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