By Eric Burgess

PublishThis Named an EContent Magazine Trendsetting Product for 2014


EContent Magazine Names PublishThis a Trendsetting Product for 2014

EContent magazine, who previously named PublishThis as one of the 100 most important companies in digital media, has now honored our platform as an EContent Trendsetting Product for 2014. We’re in great company with the likes of products from Facebook, Flipboard, and Adobe. EContent says that among their points of consideration were these products’ ability to help their customers manage a full web experience, harness the power of Big Data, and monetize content. PublishThis, as the leading Content Engagement Platform for Business, fits their criteria perfectly with the industry’s most advanced platform semantically tagging content for our clients’ use, an easy-to-use curation system that publishes to any channel, and a platform built to align with winning content strategies that help business build deep engagement with their customers.

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Editor’s Note:

PublishThis was previously named as one of “The Companies that Matter Most in Digital Media” alongside Twitter, Facebook, and other top technology companies.

Learn More in the Directory! Recently, I was trying to explain what I do for a living to a new friend and he asked, “So is digital content just, like, everything on the internet?” I thought about it for a split second before saying, “Yeah, pretty much.”


By Eric Burgess
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