By Eric Burgess

PublishThis joins Outbrain’s Content Collective as a Thought Leader in Content Marketing


Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 10.47.39 AMPublishThis is proud to have joined the newly-launched Content Collective, a platform Outbrain has developed to bring together influential voices in Content Marketing to help brands gain exposure to thought leaders in the industry while also introducing them to best-in-breed technology and services that can help them achieve their goals.

Even if you are not familiar with the name Outbrain, you are probably familiar with their work. They are broadcasting targeted content across thousands of websites and areScreen Shot 2014-07-30 at 4.59.44 PM probably featured on that Facebook-posted test you just took about which House of Cards character you are. Outbrain does an amazing job of delivering great content to just the right people based on what they are reading, connecting audiences with content that is relevant or interesting to them.

As part of the Content Collective, PublishThis will be providing articles about content marketing, online media, and best practices to support the library of useful content available in the platform. Content from CEO Matt Kumin already appears on Mashable, ClickZ, and other online publications. His work here will be focused on helping brands meet the challenge of always-on content with strategies that blend content types and formats.

In addition to joining the Content Collective, PublishThis is now also using the Outbrain platform to explore how its clients can best use this powerful content amplification tool with PublishThis strategies like Content Mixology to help brands understand the best way to scale their efforts.

For more information about using Outbrain with PublishThis, contact us at [email protected].



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By Eric Burgess
Eric Burgess leads marketing at PublishThis and has been known to tweet about content marketing and strategy, social, Big Data, gamification, and technological living. In former lives, he made video games for Disney, produced CRM systems for the financial services industry, and wrote for various L.A.-based magazines. When not staring at a screen, he designs modern euro-style board games, listens to indie rock, and spends time with his family and cats.