By Scott Decker

PublishThis Joins Custom Content Council’s Content Reimagined Event as a Content Marketing Sponsor


PublishThis is excited to attend Content Reimagined, the annual Custom Content Council conference this April 8-10 in Naples, Florida. A host of highly influential speakers on the subject of content marketing and strategy will be presenting about our modern best practices for the content-minded and the future of our rapidly-changing industry.

The CCC is a PublishThis customer and they have been using our platform to increase engagement and save time compiling their regular newsletter for the last year. Now, they have launched a collaborative blog called The Content Exchange, which is also powered by PublishThis.

A key event we’re anticipating is a talk from Pam Didner, VP of Marketing at Intel, and an articulate thought leader in content marketing. Her presentation on the power of social content marketing should be great based on Pam’s PublishThis-powered blog, which is always intriguing. We’re proud to sponsor her session and hope to see you there.

Where do you sign up? Check below for details.

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CCC Content Exchange

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Custom Content Council Case Study with PublishThis


By Scott Decker
Scott Decker is the President and Founder of PublishThis. Before PublishThis, he led technology at, Blue Nile, and development solutions for the government. When he’s not running PublishThis, the industry’s most advanced content platform, he’s exploring new technologies, preparing for next Halloween, or watching something with superheroes, dinosaurs, or at least a lot of explosions.