By Eric Burgess

Johnston Press Launches Unique Microsite on Scottish Independence


A Unique Platform for Covering a History-Making Story

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Johnston Press’ recent launch of a microsite called the Scottish Independence Platform is an interesting example of modern journalism. By curating a cross-section of editorial voices about this important story alongside the ongoing debate on social platforms, and their own original content from their main site, Johnston Press is presenting a comprehensive view of a developing story that will never be out of date as they lead up to the vote this fall. This is storytelling and journalism at real-time speed, powered by both seasoned editors and the voice of the people.

Partnering with PublishThis, the leading real-time content platform for businesses, Johnston Press has constructed an amazing resource for a community that is full of differing opinions and concern about the perspective of major media organizations taking sides in this contentious debate. By bringing in all views, including those of individuals expressing their thoughts about this important decision on Twitter, Johnston Press is providing their readership an unprecedented way to keep a close eye on how their neighbors and the major opinion makers in the country feel about the vote and its ramifications.

The Scottish Independence Platform has quickly become the go-to source on the subject and Johnston Press have created it in a way that is editorially efficient and highly useful to their audience. PublishThis is thrilled to a part of this groundbreaking platform for real-time news.

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By Eric Burgess
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