By Scott Decker

How Instagram is the Key to Content Marketing for Millennials


As a member of the Generation Y Millennials, or what some deem the “me-centric” generation, Instagram has consumed a large amount of our time. With our short attention spans, we’ll surely switch to another app at some point, but Instagram’s hold has been strong because it appeals to our selfie-obsessed, image-driven way of communicating and consuming content. So how can Instagram be a successful tool for Content Marketing? Consider the three factors that explain why we use it so often: selfie

1. It’s Simple: Instagram is just a picture with some hashtags, which appeals to users with a principle we at PublishThis call “Low-Effort Creativity”. You don’t need to compose a long post of witty original text, just grab a pic, a filter, and some hashtags and you’ve created something with your unique voice in it. Curating content can be similarly easy. With a smaller editorial commitment, you can curate content and add hashtags or what we call an annotation – a sentence or two of your point of view. This content mix allows you to produce valuable content without larger time commitment from creating a completely original piece of content. The best thing is a balance – blend these mixed content items in with the longer pieces. You may find Millennials like the shorter content better.

2.           2. It’s Quick: The process of uploading content is simple and takes only a matter of seconds. Your time is just spent on choosing your filters and your hashtags. Like all content marketing, producing more photos and more hashtags increases your engagement, social presence and followers. Companies are feeling the pressure in producing more content to gain thought leadership, audience engagement, and authority with our always-on generation.

3.            3. ­It’s Customizable– Instagram knows in order to be successful you need to cater to the user. The greatest tool for Instagram are their filter selections, making a mediocre picture look “artsy” or boosting your self-esteem with a great looking #selfie. The same correlates with content marketing via curation. You can add some thought leaders that agree with your point to lend it some credibility, show off your best side by posting content that shows are you listening well in your industry space, and produce more often to specific segments of your audience with curated content that targets certain members of your readership, easily sorted on Instagram by hashtags.

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By Scott Decker
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