By Scott Decker

5 Digital Marketing Stats You Need To Know


By now you’ve probably seen the most shocking and brutal content marketing lists out there. You’ve also seen all of the fascinating lists right beside them.

But maybe you haven’t seen a digital marketing list that means something to you yet. Deep down, we all know what are on these lists – there isn’t anything new to them. But yet, we love to read them! It’s easily consumable content that can get the point across quickly so we can then move on with our busy lives.

On that note, here are 5 digital marketing statistics that you need to know and why they matter to you.

1. More than a third of CMOs say that digital marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending within the next five years (AdWeek)

The world is growing increasingly digital, from millennials being always-on to our next generation that hasn’t experienced life without computers or smart phones. If you aren’t on your target audience’s digital channels, you’re missing out on opportunities to communicate with them. Furthermore, you’ll need to understand the formats, content types, and subject that work for each channel, in addition to producing content that is engaging and exciting. But get that format right first because those who fail to pay attention to the parameters of each channel will be left behind.

2. 95% of B2B buyers prefer shorter content formats (Demand Gen Report)

Snackable content may sound hackneyed but we cannot argue with its appeal or results. Modern audiences don’t have time to fish out the value in your wall of text; they want you to pare it down the core value and keep that blog post short, that video quick, and that infographic easy to consume.

3. Consumption of digital media on mobile devices has climbed from 18 minutes per day in 2008 to nearly 3 hours in 2015  (Mary Meeker Internet Trends 2015)

When Mary Meeker showed this staggering increase, it was the biggest reminder yet that if you’re content isn’t ready for mobile, you will lose (besides facing possible Google penalties). Your audience simply won’t interact with your site’s cumbersome mobile design, they’ll move on and get their content elsewhere.

4. About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video (Eloqua)

It feels like we should insert a complaint about how millennials don’t read anything. But remember that content is education, no matter what form it comes in. Using video to illustrate your services or demonstrate your product can help move prospects down the funnel. It’s the preferred format for instruction these days so why fight it? In fact, it’s so popular that…

5. 78% of respondents [marketers] identify videos as the most leveraged content type (Regalix)

Video content is widely consumed and shared. It’s time to start leveraging videos if you aren’t already because great content that no one reads won’t convert or engage anyone. Being conscious of the format of your content is almost as important as the message itself.


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By Scott Decker
Scott Decker is the President and Founder of PublishThis. Before PublishThis, he led technology at, Blue Nile, and development solutions for the government. When he’s not running PublishThis, the industry’s most advanced content platform, he’s exploring new technologies, preparing for next Halloween, or watching something with superheroes, dinosaurs, or at least a lot of explosions.

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