By Eric Burgess

3 Big Content Success Stories You Need To See


As you may have read last week, PublishThis is coming to Content Marketing World to share details about how brands, publishers, and agencies can grow their business with Big Content strategies and our industry-leading technology.

We’re excited that the show’s very theme (“Bright Lights, Big Content”) illuminates how important thoughtful application of data and metadata is to producing modern content. PublishThis is the industry’s first Big Content solution and we’re excited to show how we can help you achieve your goals.

If you missed Robert Rose’s article last week, how about a quick video?

What Is Big Content? – With Robert Rose

Big Content explained by Robert Rose, Chief Strategy Officer at the Content Marketing Institute

Big Content Audit

While CMW 2015 attendees can visit PublishThis at Booth 22 and sign up to get a Big Content Audit sent to them after the show, I thought I’d also share a few examples of how existing PublishThis customers have successfully implemented Big Content strategies.

  • FOX Sports produces newsletters at 5X the speed they have in the past. Their team now uses that time to add thousands of additional Big Content-optimized articles for their websites and app. Read the Case Study.
  • Meredith Agrimedia is driving 250% more revenue from their sponsored content, which is easier to produce using PublishThis. They’ve also increased clicks on native ads by up to 200% with Big Content strategies. Learn how in the Case Study.
  • is driving enormous web traffic with Big Content social strategies. Their team publishes hyperlocal breaking news and ideates new original content based on trend-tracking in PublishThis. They hit a 1 million page views from Big Content-powered articles recently. Explore how they did it (including working with PublishThis partner Social Flow) in the Case Study.

How can Big Content help you? Your personalized assessment is easy – just come by and ask at Booth 22. We’ll even sign you up to possibly win an Apple Watch or a copy of Robert Rose’s latest book, Experiences: The 7th Wave of Marketing.

Want to plan ahead? Just click the button below to set up a quick visit at your convenience.

See you next week!

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By Eric Burgess
Eric Burgess leads marketing at PublishThis and has been known to tweet about content marketing and strategy, social, Big Data, gamification, and technological living. In former lives, he made video games for Disney, produced CRM systems for the financial services industry, and wrote for various L.A.-based magazines. When not staring at a screen, he designs modern euro-style board games, listens to indie rock, and spends time with his family and cats.

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